VRLA Battery S-80AH Solar Series

By combining the newly developed nano gel electrolyte and high density positive plate paste, BSB Solar series Valve regulated lead acid batteries offers high daily cycle life and high recharge efficiency at the very low charge current. The acid stratification is highly depressed by adding of gel electrolyte This range battery is highly suited to energy storage for renewable energy such as PV and wind turbine power systems applications.

Item Code:BAT-0080A/SPT
Designed Floating Life:12 Years
Designed Cycle Life:5 Years
Dimensions:LengthWidthHeightTotal Height
Approx. Weight:25kg(55.1 lbs)
Internal Resistance:Full charged at 20˚C: 0.00056 Ohm
Self Discharge:3% of capacity declined per month at (20˚C)
Capacity Affected by Temp.(20HR):40˚C20˚C0˚C-15˚C
Charge Voltage(20˚C):Cycle useFloat use
14.4-14.8V(-30mV/˚C), max. Current: 20A13.6-13.8V(-20mV/˚C)

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