VRLA Battery 2V1000AH Opzv Series

BSB Opzv Series Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries are designed with a proven combination of GEL and Tubular technologies to offer a very high lever of reliability. Opzv batteries benefit from an optimized plate design which gives capacities in excess of the DIN standard values. In addition, this series offers both a longest float life and a high cycle life in widely industrial field.


  • Telecommunications
  • Cable Television
  • Electric Utility
  • Control Equipment
  • Security System
  • Medical Equipment
  • UPS
  • Railroad Utility
  • Photovoltaic System
  • Alternative Energy System

General Features

  • Sealed and maintenance free operation.
  • Non-Spillable construction design.
  • ABS containers and covers(UL94HB, UL94V-0) optional.
  • Safety valve installation for explosion proof.
  • High quality and high reliability.
  • Super long service life.
  • Lowest self discharge characteristic.
  • Super reliability.


  • Component ……Raw material
  • Positive ……..Lead dioxide
  • Negative ……..Lead
  • Container ……..ABS
  • Cover ……..ABS
  • Sealant …….Epoxy Resin
  • Safety valve …..EPDR
  • Terminal ……..Copper
  • Separator ……..PVC-SiO
  • Electrolyte …….Sulfuric acid
  • Thixotropic Gel
Item Code:BAT-1000OPZV/SPT
Designed Floating Life:20 Years
Dimensions:LengthWidthHeightTotal Height
Approx. Weight:76.5Kg(169 lbs)
Internal Resistance:Full charged at 20˚C: 0.00055 Ohm
Self Discharge:2% of capacity declined per month at (20˚C)
Capacity Affected by Temp.(20HR):40˚C20˚C0˚C-15˚C
Charge Voltage(20˚C):Cycle useFloat use
2.3V-2.35V(-5mV/˚C), max Current: 200A2.25-2.27V(-3.3mV/˚C)

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