Solar Cell Mono Crystalline PVM-0075P/PVM-0080P SPT

Model Type:PVM-0075P/SPT / PVM-0080P/SPT
pm(W):75W / 80W
Number of Cell:36 / 36
Cell Dimension (mm):125 / 125
Max System Voltage (V):1000V / 1000V
Vm(V):18 / 18
Im(A):4.17 / 4.45
Voc(V):22.61 / 22.25
Isc(A):4.51 / 4.8
Maximum System Voltage (V):1000v
Temperature Coefficients of Isc (%):+0.1%/°C
Temperature Coefficients of Voc (%):-0.38%/°C
Temperature Coefficients of Pm (%):-0.47%/°C
Temperature Coefficients of Im (%):+0.1%/°C
Temperature Coefficients of Vm (%):-0.38%/°C
Temperature Range:-40°C —85°C
Junction Box type:PPO, Black
Connectors and Cables Type (mm):4mm2
Lenght of Cables (mm):900
Cell Efficiency (%):±17.5 %
Output Tolerance (%):± 3%
Frame (material, corner, etc):Anodized Alumunium Alloy
Glass:High transmissivity
low-iron 3.2mm
toughended glass
Standard Tes Conditions:AM1.5 100MW/cm² 25°C
Guarantee of Power:5 Years for the whole product,
90% power for 10 year,
80% power for 25 years
FF %:≥ 73.3%
75WP Module size:1005*540*35
80WP Module size:1005*540*35

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