Inventer 500W INV-0500W/SPT

This car power inverter can convert 12V/24V DC of automobile to 220V/110V AC to supply for the electronic products such as player MP3, player MP4, cell phone, laptop, emergency light, electric fan, electric blanket, electric shaver, digital camera, digital video, TV, CD, DVD, game machine, cleaner, refrigerator, electric light etc

Item Code:INV-0500W/SPT
Input Voltage:12V
Type:DC/AC Inventer
Output Type:Single
Output Voltage:220~240V
Output Frequency:>90%
Output Current:<0.2A
Rated Power:500W
Peak Power:1000W
Protection:Overload protection,
Input over-voltage protection,
Input low-voltage protection,
Over-temperature protection

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