Emergency Lamp PNE TEL 30 LA


ModelPNE TEL 30 LA
System ModeNon – Maintained
Emergency Duration1 & 2 Hours (±10%)
Light Source2x6W / 2xSW incandescent bulb
2x10W tungsten-halogen lamp
BatterySealed lead acid / nickel cadmium battery
Recharge Period16-24 Hours
Battery ProtectionLow Voltage cut off to prevent battery from over discharging
MonitoringRed L.E.D “ON” indicates charging. Equipped with push test switch
to simulate power failure
Input Voltage230V / 240V 50Hz
Ambient Temperatureta 40°C
ChargerSolid state automatic constant voltage / constant current charge
HousingElectro-galvanized sheet steel with powder coated paint
Dimention295MM x 150MM x 76MM
Weight3.5 Kg
Warranty1 Year
ComplianceCP 19:1991, SS 263 PART 2:1996

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